Our Alumni

The impact our Alumni are making in our world today is absolutely phenomenal and we are excited to be a part of their story.

Over the past 2 years of our core operations, we have successfully raised and equipped 7 leaders with leadership skills, sector specific knowledge and resources to run their own organizations in four sectors: media, production, charity and real estate. The impact they are making in our world today is absolutely phenomenal and we are excited to be a part of their story. Our achievements/milestones are highlighted below:

Charity: We have raised, trained and equipped Ms. Afia Boatemaa to establish and operate her own charity organization – TGLK Foundation. In 2018, her organization, through its “Be Their Smile Project”, donated clothing, food and medical items to the people of Wudokope village (of about 70 households) in Accra, Ghana. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, we again partnered with TGLK Foundation to raise funds to help provide relief items, nose masks, sanitizers and food to a slum community (Dome-Konka) in Accra, Ghana.

Production: We have raised, trained and equipped Ms. Abigail Okyere to bolster the operations of “Jars of Clay Productions,” an organization in the creative art industry, which she has pioneered. In 2018, we supported this group to put up its first ever play “Inside the Barracks” on the University of Ghana, Legon Campus. This play sought to address leadership, women empowerment and other societal issues in Ghana – it had a total of about 400 people in attendance.

Media: DA Photography and MediaHelp GH are multimedia organizations owned and operated by Mr. Albert Ampah, one of the 7 leaders we have raised, trained and equipped. To better set him up for success, we provided photography, videography and media editing training. We also resourced him by helping him finance the purchase of a state-of-the-art camera, provided a space in the Leadership Centre for which he currently uses as a studio and also helped stock the studio with other relevant equipment and gadgets.

Media: In 2020, we rolled out the GracedLife TV, an online channel on YouTube, which seeks to provide a platform for young people share their perspectives on leadership, development and state of affairs of the nation. We believe that young people have a perspective concerning their future, and deserve an opportunity to air them in a decorous manner. Our desire is to empower young people to challenge the status quo, be vocal (in a decorous manner) about the change/future they long for and recognize their responsibility in the change process. 

Real estate: We have raised Gideon Aboagye Nuamah, an architecture student, to set up Gideon Architecture Studio which has now transformed into Studio Spring Africa. The Studio has already designed about 20 buildings. In 2020, the Studio successfully completed their first building which they designed and constructed from the substructure to the superstructure to the interior and landscaping.

In addition to these sectors, we have also empowered three other aspiring future leaders to take initiatives towards establishing their own organizations in the business, education and faith/religion sectors. The above are a few highlights of the phenomenal impact we have had over the past 2 years. To see a short video documentary of what our most recent cohort of GracedLife leaders think of us, kindly click on this link. Also see below, a few pictures of our achievements and the footprints of our impact.