What We Do

Our goal is to raise the next generation African leaders to be godly and global leaders across all sectors.

This is our core training vehicle to inculcate the fundamentals of the Gracedlife (selfless and generational leadership) way into all future leaders. Aspiring leaders are trained on 7 key models:

Model 1: Introduction to leadership.
  • What leadership is.
  • Leadership, position and titles
  • Leadership styles
Model 2: Leadership, the Gracedlife way.
  • The leadership mindset
    • Types of leadership mindset
    • How to develop a leadership mindset
  • The Gracedlife mindset
  • The Gracedlife elements of leadership
Model 3: Understanding the heart of great leadership.
  • Selfless leadership.
  • Leadership wisdom.
  • Leadership character
Model 4: Understanding what great leaders know.
  • Read to lead.
  • Follow to lead.
  • Experiential leadership knowledge.
Model 5: Understanding who great leaders are.
  • Leadership and Visioning.
  • The act of planning.
  • Humility in leadership.
  • Leadership and Discipline
  • Diligence in leadership
Model 6: Understanding what great leaders possess.
  • Principles and Values.
  • Listening and Understanding.
  • Integrity and Honesty.
  • Courage and Perseverance
  • Responsibility and Accountability
Model 7: Understanding what great leaders do.
  • The act of serving.
  • Living for others.
  • Problem solving.
  • Believing in possibilities.
  • Communication.
  • Speaking up.
  • Decision making.
  • Goal getting, Results oriented.
  • The learn-it-all attitude.
  • Impact making.
Mode: In-person/virtual and formal
Frequency: 4th weekend of every month
Day of training: Saturdays
Time: 10am – 1pm
Duration: 3 hours
Style: Presentation, discursive, practical, examination
Convener: Executive Director and Associate Directors

This programme aims at the development of sector-specific knowledge and skills. When candidates apply into the leadership development program, they are also required to indicate a specific sector where they believe to have a passion for and like to impact their world from. The organization has a team of passionate and committed individuals who mentor successful candidates in the areas of business, education, faith, multimedia, philanthropy, production (creative arts) and real estate development:

Aspiring Faith Leaders Mentorship Class (Discussion topics):
  • Shepherd Leadership.
  • The Role and Importance of faith institutions in the Community.
  • Starting a new ministry or reviving an old ministry.
  • The four Cs of religious leadership (calling, competence, confidence & character)
  • Financial management
  • Data management
  • Understanding ministry ethics and emotional intelligence
  • Establishing a Web Presence for your ministry
  • Growing your ministry
  • Discipleship and witnessing in the 21st Century
Aspiring Business Leaders Mentorship Class (Discussion topics):
  • Dreaming big, starting small - starting small, growing big
  • Creating a strategic business plan
  • Building effective teams and building client relationships
  • Start-up funding
  • Understanding global branding, sales and marketing
  • Technology in business
  • Understanding business ethics
  • Developing a business financial plan
  • Understanding international trade and the global economy
  • Attracting business investors
Aspiring Media Leaders Mentorship Class (Discussion topics):
  • Understanding 21st century Media opportunities and challenges
  • Starting and growing a media business
  • Media work ethics
  • Building and maintaining client relationships
  • Digital literacy
  • Understand global branding and internet marketing
  • Communication technology
  • The role of media in nation building
Aspiring Production Leaders Mentorship Class (Discussion topics):
  • Creating a realistic business plan for your creative arts business
  • Shaping society and values through creative arts
  • Monetizing your creativity
  • Sourcing capital to fund your creative art business
  • Partnership and contracts in the creative arts business
  • Understanding the creative art market and global branding
  • Strategies and principles of marketing a creative art product or service
Aspiring Education Leaders Mentorship Class (Discussion topics):
  • Understanding the 21st Century education opportunities and challenges
  • Understanding the role of education in nation building and changing mindsets.
  • Using technology to drive education
  • Creating a realistic strategic plan for your education business idea
  • Sourcing capital to fund your education business idea
Aspiring Real Estate Leaders Mentorship Class (Discussion topics):
  • Understanding the 21st Century Real Estate opportunities and challenges.
  • Sourcing capital to fund your real estate business
  • Understanding business ethics
  • Building and maintaining client relationships
  • Growing your real estate business
  • Using architecture to build communities
Aspiring Foundation Leaders Mentorship Class (Discussion topics):
  • Understanding the basics in starting a charity or foundation.
  • Sourcing capital to fund your real estate business
  • People over profit
  • Focusing on your charity goal and delivering your mission
  • Attracting donors and building partnership
  • Accountability and transparency in charities

Note: Suggested topics/areas of training are not exhaustive. Branch Presidents are encouraged to add or take from the topics to be studied to make it more responsive to the times/situation.

Mode: In-person/virtual and formal/informal
Frequency: 3rd weekend of every month
Day of training: Saturdays
Time: As determined by conveners
Duration: 3 hours
Style: Presentation, discursive, practical, examination
Conveners: Branch Presidents and Mentors/Affiliates

This programme aims at coaching aspiring leaders to start/build their vision into a business, an organization, or a ministry, and to grow. Aspiring leaders receive necessary support to implement their vision after they have been coached to build it and grow it on paper first. Our coaches and affiliates support aspiring leaders to experience leadership in their areas of work.
Aspiring leaders are coached by experienced people in their field to develop a strategy for their vision, design their organization/ministry/company, build their team, gather and analyse information and data important to their vision, formulate a strategic growth plan, and submit and present before a panel. Strategies will be well scrutinized and shaped, and approved strategies will be supported in cash or kind and assisted to implement.

Aspiring leaders are coached and guided specifically to do the following;
  • Building Strategy
  • Organizational Design
  • Leadership/Team Building
  • Gathering and analysing information and data
  • Formulating Your Strategic Growth Plan
  • Submitting and defending Your Strategic Growth Plan
  • Implementing Your Strategic Growth Plan
  • Registering your brand and building a national and global brand
  • Strategy Monitoring, Evaluation and Control
The organization monitors, evaluates, sets control mechanisms and audits the work of aspiring leaders for 2 years until they have the necessary experience to lead their organization/ministry/company.
Aspiring leaders must experience leadership for 2 years through this programme before they will be certified as Affiliates. Affiliates are our alumni and they help the organization to mentor and coach other aspiring leaders after their certification.

Our great media and branding team assists aspiring leaders with graphic designs, websites, and internet/social media advertisement, marketing and branding which have become necessary tools for global success in today’s world.
The Gracedlife Online Store (www.gracedlifeshop.com) is an online selling and buying platform created to help connect aspiring leaders to the global market so that people all over the world can easily find the products and services of our aspiring leaders and to securely purchase and receive them all over the world.

The organization provides aspiring leaders with the follow in order to support them to start/build their vision until they can afford their own working space;

SHARED WORKSPACE: Our spacious workspace is set up to offer aspiring leaders the most conducive working environment to help them build their companies, ministries and organizations without paying any rent.

LEADERSHIP LIBRARY: Our leadership library has been stocked with bestselling books on leadership, business, planning, sales, ministry, media, philanthropy, biographies, education, real estate, production, etc. to help leaders read to lead.

EXECUTIVE OFFICE: Our nice executive office has been reserved for private meetings by our aspiring leaders to meet clients, partners, etc.

BOARD ROOM: Our boardroom (which can sit about 10-15 people) is set up to help aspiring leaders have trainings for their teams or have team/board meetings.

CONFERENCE HALL: Our conference hall (which can sit about 150 people) is set up to also help aspiring leaders organize programmes, conferences and stage plays.

LOUNGE/WAITING AREA: We provide aspiring leaders with a lounge or waiting areas to receive and entertain clients and visitors, and to network or interact with each other.

TV PRODUCTION STUDIO: Our TV production studio is set up to help organize leadership shows to teach the public on leadership and to help aspiring leaders to organize online TV shows important to their sectors.

PHOTO STUDIO: We provide aspiring media leaders with a photo studio to help them shoot pictures, videos and get creative for the clients.

RECEPTION: Our beautiful reception desk helps receive aspiring leaders and visitors, make bookings, help with registration and answers their questions.

OTHER AMENITIES: resting room, fast internet, printing service, a fitness centre (adjacent the TGLC).