Who We Are

Our mission is raising godly and global leaders like Christ across all sectors of the world.

The Gracedlife Leadership Centre (TGLC) is a non-profit organisation with the mission of raising godly and global leaders like Christ across all sectors of the world. TGLC is set up to reorient the mindset of the African youth to foster selflessness and generational thinking in whatever sphere of leadership they find themselves, by leveraging on the leadership example of Jesus Christ.

Our strategy is to identify and recruit young Ghanaians and Africans with talents, gifts and skills, shape the mindsets and global visions, encourage optimism, grit, creativity and problem-solving, impart leadership knowledge and develop leadership skills, train, mentor and coach these young people to become great leaders in their respective sectors, instil godly morals and values, and provide opportunities and support to these young people to start/build their vision and to grow.

The term “Gracedlife” is a mindset and leadership philosophy established on the belief that life and all its blessings are by the grace of God - unmerited and freely given, and must be shared with others through service to make all lives better. We believe that this mindset is the key to guarding every heart from the evil of supremacy and prejudice, be it racism, white supremacy, inequality, xenophobia, misogyny, tribalism, and others. We believe that it’s God who blesses with life, riches, wisdom and all life’s many blessings. Ours is to share our lives and the blessings of life with others through service and love. The ‘Gracedlife’ mindset is a servant-leader mindset which makes a leader put others first before him/herself.

The organization’s vision is to lead like Christ and lead the world to Christ. Our mission is to raise godly and global leaders across all sectors of the world. Our focus is on 7 key sectors of the world which lack the right leadership especially in Ghana and Africa - namely, Business, Faith/Religion, Education, Media, Production, Real Estate and Foundation/Philanthropy.

The organization identifies and recruits talents and skills every year and trains them through 3 key programmes - Leadership Development Programme, Sector Mentorship Programme and Leadership Experience programme. Our programmes are tailored to help individuals interested in leadership and personal leadership development, seek a network of like-minded peers, willing to learn and unlearn, and are enthusiastic about making an impact in their community and country.

Whilst our Leadership Development Programme serves as a core training vehicle to inculcate the fundamentals of the Gracedlife selfless and generational leadership way into any and all future leaders, the Sector Mentorship Programme focuses on the development of sector-specific knowledge and skillsets. When candidates apply to join our cohort of leaders, they are also required to indicate a specific sector they believe to have a passion for and want to impact their world from. The organization has a team of passionate and committed individuals who mentor successful candidates in the areas of business, education, faith, multimedia, philanthropy, production (creative arts) and real estate. Our Leadership Experience Programme also helps in coaching aspiring leaders to build their vision into a business, an organization, or a ministry. Aspiring leaders receive necessary support and guidance to start/build their vision and to grow after they have been coached in building strategy, organizational design, team building, gathering and analysing information and data, and formulating strategic growth plan.

The organization provides aspiring leaders with a shared workspace, a leadership library, an executive office for private meetings, a board room, a conference hall, a lounge/waiting area, a reception, a TV production studio, a photo studio, fast internet and printing service in order to support them start/build their vision until they can afford their own working space.

Our highly-skilled media and branding team are ready to assist aspiring leaders with all branding and internet/social media advertising and marketing which are necessary tools for global success in today’s world. We have an online shop set up to help start-ups and aspiring leaders to sell their goods and services to the global market. Also, we have an online TV channel to host shows, TV programmes, interviews and broadcast activities of our aspiring leaders to a global audience.

Defining our mission, vision, beliefs, winning culture and strategic objectives and goals makes our planning more meaningful. It serves as a roadmap to our glorious destination.

Our roadmap starts with our mission, which is enduring and serves as the framework for administration and declares our purpose as an organization, and also guides every aspect of this organization by describing what we need to accomplish to continue serving our purpose.

Our mission is to raise godly and global leaders like Christ across all sectors of the world.

Key focus areas:

BUSINESS: It’s never business as usual to us but an unusual business of creating a positive Christo-effect in the business world that brings prosperity and fulfilment for all people, for every worker and for the organization. Our goal is to raise global Christian business leaders who will never bend the truth to make a sale; leaders with integrity; leaders who will provide best quality goods and services; leaders who will help people to help themselves out of poverty by creating jobs and inspiring entrepreneurship and start-ups; leaders who will build value in business - for the organization, for the workers and for the customers, by creating an atmosphere of optimism, integrity, teamwork, creativity and resourcefulness.

FAITH: Faith is an important foundation to good leadership and right living. Raising faith-based leaders to focus on reaching out to all people with the gospel of Jesus Christ and empowering the leaders with the confidence and knowledge to meet the changing needs of their followers or congregations is important to us as an organization. Faith ministers are the heart and soul of almost every community across the world - acting as role models and leaders, shaping mindsets and instilling values, providing support and guidance to people, and teaching them to accept salvation and to share the love of God with others, irrespective of their gender, age, tribe, nationality, race or social/financial status. This is why it’s very important for us as a leadership organization to be part of raising the next generation faith leaders to develop effective governance structures and robust financial management procedures, to engage in ethical ministerial practices, to shape positive mindsets and building communities, and to fulfil their divine mandate.

MEDIA: We believe that manners and morals are shaped by the contents we see, listen to or read, and the media is that channel of communication in the world today. To influence lives, we must raise media leaders who will revolutionize communication in Africa, especially digital communication, while providing the media platform to publish the Gospel and values of Jesus Christ through content creation and multiple expressions of digital communication, and to be a media hub to assist individuals, companies, churches, etc. with media branding, publicity, high quality media services and engaging digital resources. We seek to raise such media leaders to offer the best combination of media channels to enhance education, entertain people, share in people’s joy by capturing their unforgettable moments, and transform lives for the glory of Christ.

PRODUCTION/CREATIVE ARTS: It’s our resolve to raise leaders in the creative arts sector who will create necessary content for the world in order to inspire faith, shape morals and save souls. We believe that a Christ-inspired media content production is a catalyst and an agent of change, transformation and development for individuals, families, communities, and nations. This is why we seek to raise leaders who will give a voice to the Truth of Christ in billions of homes across the world and transform lives through godly content in the form of text, audio and visuals, by giving expression to a wide range of voices including preachers, speakers, writers, script writers, actors, poets, songwriters, singers, etc.

PHILANTHROPY/FOUNDATION: Building up street children, poor families, orphans, brilliant but needy students, the abused, the disabled, the oppressed, the hungry, the naked, the sick and the mentally ill to experience Jesus’ promise of life in all its fullness is very important to us as a Christian organization. We therefore seek to raise philanthropic leaders who will be a channel of God’s love and blessing, provision and care to all persons in need while creating a future where possibilities and opportunities are equal for all persons regardless of their background or social status, and to inspire big dreams, support aspirations and encourage achievement among young people.

REAL ESTATE: We believe that how houses are built goes a long way to determine how communities are formed and societies are established, and how societies are established goes a long way to determine how faith is built and values are formed. This is why we seek to raise estate leaders who will create the ultimate building experience by providing outstanding and superior levels of expertise and professional service in the real estate market that is innovative, ambitious, and affordable.

EDUCATION: Education is key to development, transformation and success. This is why informing, transforming and reforming all people and systems through education, by providing quality leadership and inspiration for learning, research and human development is very vital to us as an organization. Our goal is to raise leaders who will build a studying community that appreciates the value of education and service, and develop infrastructure and support, including innovative technology, for studies, research, teaching, human development and service, while creating a virtual studies platform for online studies and building schools from basic to tertiary level to offer affordable and world-class formal education to communities in Ghana.

OUR VISION Our vision declares what we want to be and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.
Our vision is to lead like Christ and lead the world to Christ.”

Why Jesus Christ? You don't have to be Christian to learn leadership lessons from Jesus Christ, and this is something we want the world to know. A leader of the biggest faith group in the world which has lasted over 2,000 years or a man with the biggest followers in the world (which has 84% of its population identifying with a religious/faith group) is clearly a leader worth learning from. The answer Fr. James Martin, S.J (an American Jesuit priest, writer, and editor-at-large of the Jesuit magazine America) gave to Geoff Loftus's (a regular contributor to Forbes.com on leadership) on the question, “how does Jesus fit in the definition of leadership and what leadership characteristics does he display?”, best explains why Christ is the focal character of our mission and vision.

This is what Fr. James Martin had to say; Jesus obviously "inspired." The root of the word "inspiration" is "spirit", and so the one who in-spires literally places the spirit within a person. In the secular world, or the business world, this might be the spirit of boldness or confidence or enthusiasm for a particular task. In Jesus's case, it was God's spirit (the "Holy Spirit" in Christian terminology) who was with Jesus in his ministry, and it was this Spirit that Jesus communicated to his friends.

Jesus laid out an idea of what the world could be like – which he called the "reign of God" – where the hungry would be fed, the naked clothed, the sick healed and the dead raised — which electrified his listeners. And inspired them to work for that vision.

But more than that, the carpenter from the small town of Nazareth carefully selected for his inner circle a group of disparate people — beginning with a headstrong fisherman named Peter – and inspired them to take his message "to the ends of the earth." None of these men were remotely perfect. Dedicated to Jesus of course, they were also fractious, ambitious and often cowardly: their leader, Peter, even denied knowing Jesus shortly before his execution on the cross.

Now, many of us tend to focus solely on the Twelve Apostles, but Jesus's group of "disciples" was actually far larger than that, perhaps seventy in number. (The Gospels speak of increasingly larger circles of "apostles," "disciples" and "followers.") Jesus had to lead and inspire all these people, men and women both, from a variety of backgrounds, in the face of extraordinary odds. In the end, after his Resurrection, they would be willing even to die for him. (According to the early tradition of the Church, after Judas committed suicide, ten of the remaining eleven apostles would die for Christ.)

It's not a stretch at all to say that Jesus was the greatest leader the world has ever seen. There's a reason why you see all those churches in your town. OUR BELIEFS Our beliefs are the convictions that define and create our organizational culture and act as touchstones to guide our actions;

  • We believe in leadership; We believe that everything rises and falls on leadership.
  • We believe that a great leader is a great follower of a great leader.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ is the greatest leader whom all must follow.
  • We believe that following Christ means following His faith, His love, His character, His teachings and His leadership.
  • We believe that leadership is about vision and responsibility.
  • We believe that leadership is about service – service to God and service to mankind.
  • We believe that every follower of Christ is called to be a leader – in the world, in the society, at the workplace, in the family and in his/her career.

Our motto is a catchphrase that identifies our organization and what we are about. Our motto - “Leadership, empowerment, dominion”.